Joe C. – 2016

We love Sunshine Daydreams. Our daughter (5) went there and now our son (3) attends as well. The school provides a truly loving and nurturing environment for children to grow both emotionally and intellectually. They cater their care to the needs of the individual child, helping them through difficult transitions, with potty training, and in developing emotional and social awareness. There is regular communication with parents as they work to improve on weaknesses while accentuating areas of academic strength.

Our son loves playing outdoors with his friends and all the various activities. There are motorcycles to ride, structures to climb, a sand box to dig in, a vegetable garden, science experiments, and daily arts and craft activities. The children get weekly yoga classes to improve physical skills.

Our daughter left Sunshine this year to begin kindergarten. She was lucky enough to be joined by one of her Sunshine friends. The two of them were the first two students of the month in their new kindergarten class. We remain close with other alum parents and we hear regularly about their children’s successes.

I think what sets Sunshine Daydreams apart from other preschools are the teachers. They show so much love and dedication to our children. Now that our daughter has moved on to kindergarten I have more and more appreciation for the special place that is Sunshine Daydreams.

– Joe C.