The Williams Family – 2011

We first visited Sunshine Daydreams over three years ago when we were preparing for our move to Los Angeles. We were seeking a loving, safe, and fun environment for our oldest daughter, especially since there was so much change occurring in our lives at the time. The first time we walked into SD, our jaws dropped when our normally cautious daughter walked right up to one of the tables and joined in to an activity being led by one of the teachers. We felt incredibly lucky to officially become a part of the SD community later that year. The teachers connect with the kids in thoughtful ways that are meaningful to kids at this age, like noticing new haircuts, commenting when two kids wear similar colors, or just helping a child get engaged and started with their day. The environment is very nurturing, yet also designed to help kids develop their social skills and confidence in preparation for kindergarten.  Their daily schedule offers a balance of structured activities and lots of creative play that lets them be kids! Our oldest daughter thrived during her years at SD, and we are seeing the same blossoming of social skills, confidence, and development with our second daughter at Sunshine.

– The Williams Family