Jami – 2011

Both of our children attended Sunshine Daydreams, and we were extremely happy with their preschool experience. From the moment I first walked in the door for a tour, I loved the casual, warm, and loving environment. It felt like a place where it’s okay to make a mess, then help clean it up – and I mean that in the most positive way! The school values a wide variety of activities ranging from music to art to yoga to cooking to gardening. They have an excellent mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Children get plenty of time to run and play and be active, coupled with more low-key activities such as circle time or art that require more quiet and focus.

Sunshine Daydreams staff and teachers are extremely caring, and they do a great job teaching the children to play cooperatively yet develop a strong sense of independence and responsibility. The kids each had one teacher who oversaw their parent-teacher conferences and created a binder of their work, and other teachers who led age-divided activities like circle time, but they still felt connected to and extremely comfortable with every teacher and staff member at the school.

The learning style is play-based, which I loved, but I wondered whether it would make the transition to elementary school difficult. However, both of my kids emerged from Sunshine completely ready for kindergarten and a more rigorous academic environment. They learned to be confident, to solve problems, and to ask for help when they need it, and those are great building block social skills!

Maybe most importantly, we loved the sense of community fostered at Sunshine Daydreams. The kids made wonderful friends, and my husband and I were fortunate to make friends with their friends’ parents. Having previously attended a preschool where we didn’t feel connected to any other families, we came to value this connection quickly and to see it as a real hallmark of the school. Sunshine Daydreams was a great home for our family for four years and we feel lucky to have been part of this experience!

– Jami